Ultimate Business Experience

Student Works Painting is in the Business of Developing Leaders

Since 1991, thousands of motivated university and college students nationwide have taken up the challenge of a summer under the Student Works Painting umbrella.

The Ultimate business experience of running a summer business.

Over the course of our recruiting season

  • Studentworks will meet over 7000 people in order to fill available territories in Western Canada. (B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
  • Studentworks will have some 140 people operating summer business next summer
  • Each student selected will own and operate a summer painting business in his or her summer town, thus testing their limits in a true managerial role

Student Works Alumni, an extremely successful group, is involved in exciting opportunities around the globe. This program’s alumni are in roles of leadership, in places where they dreamed of living, earning income levels above their peers.

By taking on this experience, they fast-tracked their way towards success. The experience they gained, gave them a choice as to what they wanted to do with their lives beyond college

Do You Have Any Questions ?

After our intensive program, a student operator will:

  1. Develop and implement a business plan
  2. Recruit and manage employees
  3. Market and Advertise his or her business
  4. Estimate and sell paint jobs
  5. Learn how to run and manage a business
  6. Learn how to control costs and analyze financial statements

It is a Painting Business but it is not the successful applicant’s job to paint. The successful applicants’ responsibility is to run a business. Student Works provides all the training, support, systems and marketing materials to ensure the success of each successful applicant, which means we can draw people from any faculty regardless of past work experience.

Finding the best people and treating them like the best people has made Owner Operator positions with Student Works Painting the most dominant summer leadership opportunity in North America.

Manage Your Team of Painters

As a testament to our success and theirs, many people return for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and even 6th summers of running a Student Works business.

“Student Works: the most systemized, well supported painting company in the world.”

Process Driven

Studentworks have developed a series of processes which combine to form a system and a support structure to enable you to succeed – that’s OUR commitment to YOUR business

Your Commitment

Studentworks can tell you what you will have to do to make your business successful – YOUR Commitment to YOUR Success

Success Feedback

Studentworks has feedback from others like you, who are successful

Ultimate Business Experience

Student Works is in the business of developing leaders. 1000s of motivated students have taken up the challenge of a summer under the Student Works umbrella.

Summer Earnings

Actual Business Plans reflecting a financial range from acceptable performance to more aggressive plans for Your student run summer business.

Business Questions

Learn from the thousands that have gone before you. Like you, they were university students with the desire to stand above the crowd and to lay the foundations for their future.

Profiles of Success

StudentWorks Alumni are extremely successful, involved in exciting opportunities around the globe, in roles of leadership, earning income levels above peers; at younger ages than most.

Starting Your Own Business is a Stroke of Genius

Be A Business Leader

Student Works is in the business of creating leaders by recruiting, training and coaching the best students across Canada

Student Works Painting has created many successful Canadian business leaders while providing summer employment for students

Previous Operators Speak

Goal To Start Small Business

an opportunity to run a business under the wing of a proven support system

Keenan, Canmore

Challenging, Family, Sacrifice

biggest challenge was overcoming fear of rejection

Within The Bounds Of Possibility

no prior painting or entrepreneurial experience

Cara, 1 Year