Brooklyn Eakins

Name: Brooklyn Eakins
Hometown: Brandon, Manitoba
School: Brandon University
School status: Completed 2 years of Psychology
Area franchised: Brandon, Manitoba
Years franchised: 5
Years with SWP: 8
Current position: District Manager

Welcome to Student Works! I congratulate you on what will be the most amazing experience of your life. Being a part of Student Works, this summer is going to challenge and reward you in ways that you would never think possible as a University student. I lived in Brandon Manitoba for majority of my life and I ran my business there for five years. In 2013, I was in my first year at Brandon University when I was passed a clipboard about a summer management opportunity and being the youngest of five I had a drive to prove myself and do things that were new and exciting and would set me apart from my four siblings. I never had an interest in business but after hearing more I wanted to expand my knowledge and my resume.

I had no idea that it would be the most challenging and life-changing experience of my life. Even now after six years I didn’t realize how much I could still be learning. I have attained so many valuable skills such as organization, time-management, problem solving, client relations and leadership to name a few that I would never have had a chance to learn without Student Works. I decided to stop taking Psychology which is what I had been pursuing for two years and think more on taking a business degree. Every year with Student Works is more rewarding after the next, through hard work and determination I tripled my sales from my first to my second year, quadrupled my profit and I was awarded the “Profit Award”. My third year I was awarded the “Comeback Award” for more than doubling my sales in the last two months of summer in 2016. This year I will have the pleasure of working with twenty-five franchisees for my 4th year District Managing Manitoba and 2nd year District Managing Calgary. I cannot be more excited to help everyone I work with to learn and grow the way that I have in my years with Student Works.

In my personal time, I enjoy travelling, playing baseball, and to hit the gym a few times a week. Before Student Works I hated being busy, now I love it and because of that I love to go out and meet new people, try new things and over all spend time with my family and friends.

Again, congratulations on starting into your Student Works endeavor. It is going to be a challenging summer, but I can promise you it will be rewarding and change you for the better in so many indescribable ways. The best advice I
can offer is listen to your District Manager, call them often and follow the systems. I wish all of you luck and I hope to see you all in Mexico.

Brooklyn Eakins

District Manager, Southern Alberta and Manitoba

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